Training highly qualified, competitive mid-level specialists with high personal qualities, theoretical and practical skills that can increase the level of production potential and the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the new world.


The specified mission, KGKP "Betaynayrsky college No. 7"

Education Akimat Management

Zhambyl region

reviewed at the College’s Teaching Council (Minutes No. 3 dated 01/12/2019)


From March 16, students of technical and vocational education institutions and universities will switch to distance learning from March 16.

"We need to determine the ability of students and move to a policy of career guidance»

There were many remarks about the  topic - is there friendship between boy and girl.

In connection with the state of emergency on June 24, in the city of Arys of the Turkestan region, to help the residents of Arys, the action "Arys, we are together" began.

At the organization of regional branch of  Nur Otan and youth wing Zhas Otan within a year of  Youth and for implementation of article “Seven Sides of the Great Steppe” by a Kozy Korpesh-Bayan Sulu’s day passed on April 15/ 2019 among colleges and schools of Korday on the subject “Mahabbatsyz kim surmek”  the team of CCR of  Betkaynar  kollege  won the letter of thanks and a prize for active participation. 

On April 7-by the World Health Day in Department of education of akimat of the Jambyl region of the state utility state company Betkaynar college it was held trainings and a flashmob on health.

At the organization of Committee on protection of the rights of children of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Department of education, Domestic Policy, Departments of Internal Affairs of areas, non-governmental organizations and mass media.To the Betkainar college there went a number of actions on a subject the “Safe Internet”. Main objective was to provide brining to minors, teachers and parents of information, control for the internet activity of minors.